About Us

In life, there are moments which we want to relive. Photos are one way of capturing life’s greatest moments and give us an opportunity to look back at our treasured past. Dreamposium Photography© was established solely on this idea, and the belief that photos are captured fragments of our memories that we can share with others.


Dreamposium Photography© is run by Eugene Slesarenko, an aspiring photographer that began learning and exploring the world of photography in 2011. Eugene found this to be his passion, and ever since he picked up his first DSLR camera, he has been pursuing the knowledge of professional photographers, and quickly expanding his portfolio. With the newly found knowledge and experience, he has grasped the ability to compose beautiful portraits that are not only pleasing to the eye, but have a significant story and meaning behind them.


Dreamposium Photography© makes it fun and easy. The affordable package prices allow even those on a budget to hire Dreamposium Photography© to help them capture the memorable moments. From engagements and couples portraits, to events and senior photos, Dreamposium Photography© aspires to create a vivid and creative image. Don’t let the expense of pricey photographers ruin an opportunity of capturing the youth, the fun, and the milestones that come once in a lifetime. Look no further, hire Dreamposium Photography© today!


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